The best LPG boiler for your home [2021]

LPG (Liquid Petroleum Gas) boilers are often used in off-grid areas which are in more remote locations. Many homes that are in rural areas such as Maidstone, Medway, Tunbridge Wells or Tonbridge rely on LPG boilers to power their hot water and central heating systems. But which LPG boiler is the best for your home? TPS Heating have outlined which boilers you can choose from!

LPG boilers have many benefits, in that they are cheaper to purchase and produce less carbon emission than some other fossil fuels such as natural gas boilers. But which LPG boiler is the best for your home in Maidstone, Medway, Tonbridge, or Tunbridge Wells? Read our blog post to find out!

The size of your property matters

In order to decide which LPG boiler is best for your home, you need to first take into account the size of your property and the number of bathrooms in your home. If your home is a relatively small size, with 1-2 bathrooms, then you should think about getting an LPG boiler that's output is between 24kW and 27kW. A medium-sized house with 2-3 bathrooms would require an output of between 24kW and 27kW, and for a large home with more than 3 bathrooms, you'd need a boiler with an output of at least 35kW to cope with the demands for heat in your home.  

Which type of LPG boiler do you need for your home?

LPG Combi boilers

If you choose an LPG combi boiler, these come with no hot water tank or cylinder. Combination boilers heat water as and when you need it.

The negative to combi models is that they prioritise hot water, So, if you're a person that likes to indulge in a long shower (around 20 mins) then you'll notice the heat in your home drop considerably. Condensing LPG combi boilers are the most popular. These are usually fitted in small to medium-sized properties with 1-4 bedrooms.

If you have a large property and high hot water demand, it’s likely you’ll need a system or regular boiler. These heat water up prior to use, rather than on-demand, which means that there’s going to be plenty of hot water even if you’re using multiple showers and taps simultaneously.

System LPG boilers

A system LPG boiler comes with a hot water cylinder essentially built into it, so it’s suitable for bigger properties (and those with the need to run showers and taps at the same time). Of course, you’ll need space to store the cylinder.

If you have a boiler and cylinder (but not a water storage tank), you need a system boiler. Be sure to check you’re loft, as that’s where storage tanks are sometimes installed.

Regular (Heat-only) LPG boilers

A regular boiler needs a cylinder and water storage tank. If you have a cylinder, boiler and a storage tank (sometimes installed in loft spaces), you’ll need a regular boiler. These require a lot of space. When we visit your property, if our engineers don't think you need a system or regular boiler, there is the option to upgrade to a combi, removing the need for water storage tanks, and freeing up space. However, the price of your LPG boiler installation is going to be much higher with this upgrade, in comparison to just replacing the type of boiler you already have, so you should keep this in mind when making your decision! 

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