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Why you should think about getting a new boiler

Do you think it's time that you invested in a new boiler? How would you know when is the right time?  Whether you have had your current boiler for over ten years or if it is costing more in breakdowns and repairs than its worth, the team at TPS Heating have outlined some ways to know when your boiler needs an upgrade.

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Pros of installing a gas boiler

The majority of UK of people in the UK use gas boilers, mainly because of its popularity and the advantages that come along with it. Here at TPS Heating, we have listed out a few advantages of gas boilers in this blog or if you prefer speaking to our Gas Safe registered engineers, give us a call on 07595 726546 and we will be happy to help. 

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Tips to keep your boiler in good condition

Boilers can last for years and years if they are taken care of properly. But what are the steps that you need o take in order to ensure that your boiler is operating at its most efficient level? The team at TPS Plumbing and Heating have outlined some tips for maintaining your boiler!  

power flush

Do I Need To Power Flush My Central Heating System?

The need for power flushing comes from a build-up of oxide sludge and calcium in the central heating system. Sludge or calcium build up in a heating system means there could be an underlining problem that’s allowing air to get into the central heating system, causing radiators and heat exchangers to corrode. This leaves rust and debris in the bottom of radiators which corrodes down into oxide sludge. This then leads to blocked waterways in radiators, pipe work and heat exchangers.&n...