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Have you ever thought about whether your central heating system is sustainable? There's a good chance that you could be saving huge amounts of money off your annual energy bills if you consider an air source heat pump installation. If you are based in Maidstone, or any surrounding areas such as Medway, Tonbridge, or Ashford Kent, and you are interested in finding out more about air source heat pumps, then give us a call today on 07595 726546 and we would be more than happy to help.

What are the benefits of air source heat pumps?

Air source heat pumps can be a fantastic alternative to your average heating system as it gives you the opportunity to reduce the amount of money you spend on energy bills, as well as your carbon footprint at the same time. Your household's carbon footprint is the total greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions that you release, which includes harmful gases such as carbon dioxide and methane, which is emitted via the burning of fossil fuels.

Air source heat pumps work by converting heat energy in the outside air into energy that heats your home. This kind of energy is regarded as 'renewable' and is much more sustainable for the environment.

It is often wrongly assumed by many that air source heat pumps can only really be used when the weather is at its hottest during the summer months as an air conditioning unit, but in fact, air-source heat pumps are an effective solution for your household all year round, even in the colder months.

How do air source heat pumps work?

There are a few variations of air source heat pumps that we can install in your home. Air-to-air systems, which circulate the outside air inside a house in order to heat it, and the other is an air-to-water system.

Air-to-water systems use the ground as a heat source for the heating system. These systems are electrically powered, and so are much better for the environment than more traditional central heating systems. Ground source heating systems transfer the natural heat that's stored in the ground underneath your home to pump heat into the house above. If you live in Maidstone and you have a swimming pool at your home, a ground source heating system could be used very effectively to even heat up your pool!

The heat from the ground underneath your home is extracted and transferred through a piping system that is installed underground. These underground pipes have water flowing through them, which absorbs the heat that's emitting from the ground so that it can be transferred to the heat pump in your home.

Why choose TPS Heating for air source heat pumps?

You can rest assured that at TPS Heating, all our staff are fully qualified and experienced when it comes to carrying out work with air source heat pumps, whether that's the installation process, repairs, or any maintenance that you may need. 

Furthermore, we are recommended Medway Professionals, so you can rest assured that you're in safe and capable hands when using TPS Heating.

If you are looking to spread your new air source heat pump cost, please note that finance options are available. For more information, please contact us today.

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