All you need to know about water source heat pumps

You may have heard of air and ground source heat pumps that are much more common than water source heat pumps, but in actual fact, water source heat pumps are even more efficient. Read this blog post to learn all about water source heat pumps and in which circumstance you could benefit from getting one installed at your home in Maidstone.

How are water source heat pumps more efficient than air or ground source heat pumps?

Water source heat pumps are often more efficient than ground and air source pumps because heat transfers much more effectively in water, while water temperatures are generally more stable throughout the year, which is higher than the average air and ground temperature in winter. 

Water source heat pumps are the most efficient type of heat pump, approximately 4-5% more efficient than a ground source heat pump which can achieve efficiencies of 400%! Water source heat pumps can be installed in a variety of buildings, whether their purpose is residential, commercial or agricultural, so if your property is located near a large body of water, such as a lake, reservoir, river, or sea, then get in touch with us to find out if we are able to install a water source heat pump at your property!

How do water source heat pumps work?

A water source heat pump system extracts heat energy from a water source such as a lake, river or even the sea and uses it to provide hot water and heating to a property. It is a much more sustainable alternative to other renewable systems such as gas, oil or electric central heating. 

In order to function, the water source heat pump should be installed inside a property with pipes running out to the water source. The heat pump generates energy by circulating the brine through the collector, absorbing the heat energy from the surrounding water. The heat energy is then passed through a compressor which raises the temperature to a usable level and circulates it onto your heat distribution system (radiators, underfloor heating, hot water cylinder) to provide heating and hot water.

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